Mariau Urrusti Piño

If you have any questions regarding mexican traditions; if you want to live life to the fullest and break out in laughter; if wish to know the meaning of the word tomato or just life in general; go ahead and ask Mariau. Tour guide by day, painter by night—she’s that unique blend of creativity and skill that‘s just dying to tell a story. No bragging allowed, just honesty and a desire to share.

Paula Acevedo Straulino

According to Aztec mythology, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who know how to make tortillas and those who don’t. If you belong to the latter, then chef extraordinaire, Paula Acevedo, is just the woman you’re looking for. Slave to her own passions and master of patience—this talented lady is more than just your average cook, she is the real epicurean Maiztro.

Adrian Echevarria Harris

In a kitchen dominated by talented women, our men keep quiet and do exactly as they’re told. Onions must be chopped, glasses refilled, silver polished, and everything must be spotless. It’s hardly a glamorous vocation, but manslave Adrian excels in the little things. Swift, clean and unequivocally cordial— your servant for the evening is efficiency and testosterone as it should be: at your immediate disposal.